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In 2016 Prizes For Good Causes Ltd started to provide free holidays for families with disabled children in specially adapted static caravans or holiday chalets sited in top UK holiday parks. We donate these holidays to childrens disability charities and other organisations free of charge. The first charity to benefit in the summer of 2016 was the Echoes Foundation. We paid for five families to each have a week long holiday at the Primrose Valley Holiday Park on the North Yorkshire coast at a cost of £4,000. Between the summers of 2017 and 2019, Prizes for Good Causes provided holidays for eight families in Dorset and N.E Lincolnshire. Unfortunately due to Covid-19 we could not do this in 2020, but in 2021 we provided holiday vouchers to a family nominated by the Childhood Tumour Trust. See our page for the latest news and updates.

In addition to providing these holidays we also make donations to different charities chosen by our competition winners, please see our for details of charities which have benefited from a donation from Prizes For Good Causes Ltd.

Please note - we are not a charity nor do we represent any particular charity, but we are a very small company that really cares. The profits from the sale of our products go firstly towards covering the cost the holidays that we donate to childrens charities as well as to the donations we make to different charities chosen by our competition winners. Remaining profits are re-invested back into Prizes For Good Causes Ltd enabling us to grow and in turn provide more free holidays that we will donate to childrens disability charities. Other than the prize money offered in our competitions, no money changes hands between Prizes for Good Causes Ltd and any charities - the holidays provided are paid for by Prizes for Good Causes Ltd and then handed over to suitable charities and organisations free of charge.

Without the public supporting us by buying our range of products this would not be possible. To purchase something now why not visit our eBay Shop. Thank you.

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